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Step into our world

Join us at Footprints Waipoua for an intimate encounter to learn how these trees are intertwined with the lives of local Maori and the important role they play in the eco-system of the Waipoua Forest.


Our Guides

Our local guides take you on a memorable journey through nature's stages of evolution, whilst providing a mythological and interactive interpretation of life in the forest with some of the largest remaining kauri trees in the world.

Local Maori guides share the stories their ancestors taught them as children. Capturing the legends of the Atua (forest gods), the waiata (songs), the rongoa (medicine) and their magic.


Footprints Waipoua acknowledge TE ROROA the iwi and kaitiaki of this great taonga (treasure). We continue to work with Te Roroa as we address the challenges the Waipoua forest faces now and in the future.

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Northland- Footprints Waipoua (13).jpg

Our Ancestors

Meet our ancestors; the mighty Te Matua Ngahere ('The Father of the Forest') estimated to be between 2,500 and 3,000 years old, his mighty girth of 16 metres diameter and Tane Mahuta ('The Lord of the Forest') who stands an impressive 51 metres (150ft) tall.

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